High quality products for material handling

Conveyor systems

In order to ensure the reliability of Finn-Metacons conveyor systems which are produced from high-quality materials and with a focus on maintenance and user friendliness.

We mainly use stainless steel, keeping in mind the high hygiene requirements of our customers.

Conveyor projects

Focusing on our customers’ needs has taught us to solve practical problems in a way that enables us to offer solutions for companies of any size.

The different project steps, starting with design and ending with training, are carried out using personnel who have a wealth of experience in their particular field. This guarantees smooth progress through all project levels, and a high final product quality level.

Conveyor design

We use AutoCad and SolidWorks programs as our design tools. 3D design allows us to simulate the work of equipment during the planning stage, and considerably helps with the layout design.

We discover customer’s needs and deliver high-quality systems which meets safety requirements. Using our methods for a high-quality product or system is created  to  the individual requirements of  the customer.

Our multifaceted design skills, continuous product development work, and long-term concentration on high quality products have made Finn-Metacon a capable and secure associate for co-operation with domestic and foreign partners.

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